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Corporate Training Programs

Highlights of our services
  •   Staff Training on Sales & Distribution
  •   Practical Approach
  •   Result Oreinted

About Corporate Training Programs

There is a reasonable level of frustration that comes with hiring a motivated and talented staff, giving them a position to grow and not seeing the expected results when it comes to closing deals. But the question here is- what type of efforts you are putting to get the results? This is where our corporate training comes into scene. We have over 20 years of experience working with corporate companies and we assist you by providing complete practical trainings on Sales & Distribution which is very important for your employees.

Where other performance based training programs only provide one-size-fits-all solutions, Businesssaathi provides an intuitive, fluid process that is built from the scratch and is based on delivering what your business needs to be more successful. From identifying the most effective sales and distribution strategies to relationship building methods and practical approach our training sessions are able to learn real-world skills and develop a mindset that proves effective in the field.

We strongly believe that the sales, is one of the most significant and chief departments of any business and it is the only department in the company which brings revenues for the organization. In addition, the revenues they bring for the company directly affect the bottom line of the company. As a result, their top performance is important. And with Businesssaathi’s corporate training program you can ensure quality performance and business excellence. Our sole endeavor is to make your sales department achieve capability that they will be able to serve your organization par excellence and be a delight.

Sales, is one field that requires constant efforts so constant results can be seen. And our training program is developed around this simple standard and explains how to create a distribution channel that provides enduring results with minimum efforts and investment. With a proper distribution channel, no company can achieve its business goals and collapse in due course of time. So, a proper distribution channel is must to keep business flourishing and thriving. Businesses fail to understand that their staff already has all the theoretical knowledge as they have completed masters in Business Administration, but it is the practical approach and the skills that they need to learn and develop and we work on exactly those areas to make your sales executive(s) ready for the filed.

We bring out the best of your employees with customized training packages depending on employee’s job profile related to sales.

Training Program Types –

Sales Training Program for Distributors sales Team –

  1. Practical Approach
  2. Training in line with your needs
  3. Basics of Sales
  4. How to achieve the Targets
  5. Market Training session
  6. Sharing of Results of your staff with Ranking
  7. Area of Improvements
  8. Professional Trainers
  9. Case Studies

Training Schedule –1/2 Full Days