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Distribution Services

Highlights of our services
  •   Single dedicated account for all Business requirements
  •   View Company opportunities Online sitting at Your office
  •   Receive messages/Notifications on new opportunity
  •   Apply directly on Company opportunities
  •   Your Business profile on our website
  •   Only One Time Service Charges

About Distribution Service

With the right technology and correct data, you can change the world and make it a better place. Our aim is to assist people find the right complementary business partners to assist catalyze new ideas and improve global economic growth through new business formation and network business opportunities.

We help interested investors in finding top and lucrative business opportunities, as well as help businesses or companies in finding their appropriate Intermediates (Channel Partners). Basically, we work as a connecting link between businesses and investors. We follow an effective and successful strategy in order to match your needs and compliment your skill sets and personality to assist you find an ideal match. Our finance and compliance services can assist you fund and establish your business.

Our services entitle you to business partner matches and direct connections with investors, founders, entrepreneurs and reputed business men. With Businesssaathi you get access to splendid partnership opportunities, lucrative business ventures, new streams of sales leads and a wealth of business support and guidance.

Businesssaathi is a global online service that connects business consultants, business for sale, strategic alliances, potential business partners, corporate investors, investment banks, investment funds, venture capital sources, venture capital firms, investors, established corporations and partners, early stage companies, business owners and entrepreneurs for business opportunities.

We make finding appropriate channel partners a lot easy and quick. Generally companies end up wasting ample of time in finding their appropriate intermediates, no matter whether they are looking for Distributor or C&F, Franchise or SS, but with Businesssaathi businesses are able to find right channel partners right from their comfort zone without any hassle or trouble. We have a huge and updated database of channel partners, so you can rest assured to find the right intermediate for your business.

Our Distribution Service Include

Opportunities for Business Expansion

Finding right opportunities for business expansion are as crucial as establishing a new business itself. We as your Business Saathi understand this and help you in finding the right business openings that meet your needs and requirements easily and quickly.

In today’s world of cut throat competition, getting the right opportunity at right time is not easy. But, when you have an expert and experienced Business Saathi with you, you definitely have got an edge over your competitors.

We ensure that you never miss any business opportunity.

Complete Distribution Setup for Companies –

Our services are not limited to just providing you single channel partner in any Particular Town/State, but we also assist corporate companies to establish their complete distribution channel as per their requirements and norms with our knowledgeable and skilled team working on it.

We understand the importance of time and deadlines in business world and ensure that the committed results are delivered in agreed time limits through effective distribution and widespread network. We make sure that the distribution network is such that it increases the sales and help achieve business goals.

Blueprint of Launching/Re-launching of Products/Town/State –

It is not uncommon to see product launches fail and usually they fail due to lack of geographical and distribution network knowledge. As a result, when planning a new product launch or re-launch of a product, you must first prepare an effective plan and a complete blue print about the product launching in order to make it a great success.

With our professional services, skills and knowledge, we customize an effective action plan for you and create an easy to follow road map of product launching/re-launching in a particular town or state.