• Basics

  • How do I change my password?

    Visit http://businesssaathi.com/business/home/login/channel then click on Forgot Password.
    You will be asked to enter your registered email.
    Enter registered email to receive your password.
    We will send you your password on your registered email.

  • How do I sign up?

    Visit http://businesssaathi.com/business/home/registration
    There is a four step registration process.

    Step 1: Enter your personal details like Name, Firm Name, Mobile No., Email Address, State, City.

    Step 2: Enter the OTP (One Time Password) you received on mobile number you filled in Step 1.

    Step 3: Fill your company details

    Step 4: Choose whether you want to register under Free category or Paid category.

    And you have signed up successfully.

  • Charges

  • Why are Registration Charges?

    There are many Channels to whom we can Register on our website without taking any registration charges, but then it would be only increasing count of channels without giving proper services. We believe in quality services and provide you value for money against registration by providing range of business services require by you time to time. The objective of Registration charges is to open range of services for you at one go without wasting your time to rush at various places for various works.

  • What are the charges for channel registration?

    Any Channel can get Registered either in Free or in Paid category. The applicable Services are different in both cases. For further details, you can call us on our Customer Care Number

  • What are the Charges applicable to avail your Services after Registration?

    The charges varies as per the Service you choose from our portfolio. Though you have to pay our One Time Service Charges while availing our Distribution Services at the time of successful deal closure with the Company. The Service Charges in Distribution Services varies as per the Turn over or Investment in the Companies.

  • What are the Charges to avail Insurance Services and Financial Services?

    We don’t take any charges to serve you with our General Insurance and Financial Services.

  • What are the charges for Compliance and Marketing Services?

    You have to pay only actual charges to avail any of the Services under Compliance. For marketing Services, the charges are depending on the type of work or service you are availing from us. Though we would give all clarity on our Service charges or working charges in advance before commencing on your work.

  • Trainings

  • What type of Trainings you provide for Distributor Employees?

    We provide Training on Sales to Channel staff with all practical approach where we sharpen their sales skills in line with channel needs. Many times in lack of proper training, employee doesn’t deliver the desired results which also hamper channel’s productivity. Our Training programs have been designed to groom the candidate to deliver the targets as per your objectives.

  • What type of Trainings you provide to Company Employees?

    The Training Programs for Company Employees are different from Distributor employees. It is designed in a way where your employee would get trained on all aspects of Sales, Distribution and Marketing front with all practical approach.With Total experience of more than 20 Years in Corporate field, We groom the candidates as per organizations needs to deliver the results in best possible way. It includes Class room session, Market session, ROI Working, Inventory Management, Distribution Management, Role Plays, Case Studies.

  • Others

  • Is Registration Charges are refundable?

    NO, Registration charges are not refundable.

  • Will I get Guaranteed company deals after getting registered?

    We provide the Companies opportunities as per the availability which you can directly view in your dedicated account on our website. We provide the Companies opportunities as per the availability while sharing your business profile with them. Jurisdiction of Channel finalization & appointment is the sole right of company officials.

  • What happen if any conflict or issue takes place between company and us as a channel with us?

    We always emphasis to check and re-check the “Terms and conditions” along with Policies of the finalizing Companies before finalizing any company as a channel partner. There could be N Number of points where conflicts and issues can occur where we cannot help you to resolve any as it would be the matter between you and Company once both parties are going in an agreement after understanding all Terms and Conditions.

  • How Confidential is my Data?

    We take high confidentiality of your data & never share to anyone other than the Companies that also on demand to provide you more business options.