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Insurance Services

Highlights of our services
  •   Mediclaim
  •   Vehicle Insurance
  •   Property Insurance
  •   Staff Insurance
  •   Stock Insurance
  •   Travel Insurance
  •   Machinery Insurance
  •   Money Insurance
  •   Personal Accident

About Insurance Service

Insurance is a serious business and should be taken seriously. But unfortunately, many people don’t find it necessary to know all the details and terms and conditions. Unless your insurance agent is your best friend or spouse, there are some things they will never tell you. As a result, when buying insurance you must take assistance of someone who is reliable and trustworthy and can present you with an array of choices to make your selection from, like-Businesssaathi.

For a risk free life, right insurance is a great option. Every individual faces some risk or the other at all times, besides the risk factor is even higher when you own a business, you are not just responsible for a few members of your family, but you have responsibility of dozens or hundreds of employees and the security you seek is provided by insurance. Here at Businesssaathi we help our customers in choosing a right type of insurance. We have contacts with leading insurance companies, so you get to compare insurance policies and quotes from various insurance providers and not forced to buy insurance from a particular insurer or company.

Our team of knowledgeable and skilled professionals would guide you to avail the best of the plans with the help of company officials. Besides, we give our customers full freedom to choose the insurance that they find best for their needs and requirements. However, with our knowledge, contacts and expertise we just ensure that you don’t miss any benefit out of your insurance.

You might be having insurance already, but when getting into a new business through Businesssaathi, you must again take a close look at your insurance coverage and terms and conditions, because what was useful and great for you as a family man might not work for you as a businessman. In business a number of things are involved and sometimes people incur losses due to lack of proper knowledge and unawareness of proper resources. But with Businesssaathi by your side you don’t have to worry about any type of loss or regrets if at all any misfortunate incidence takes place.

We help you choose the right general insurance that will take care about your business and give you peace of mind that you are insured and protected. General insurance covers various aspects and ensures that you are prepared to take responsibility of your family members as well as employees. It gives safety and security to your complete business as well as personal life, so you would not have to bother about your business Loss or pilferages.

Our Insurance Services Include:

Medical Insurance: People take their health very lightly, but today when stress levels and tension are constantly rising, health troubles have become very common. Also, very few people put efforts in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as a results health troubles like obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, stroke etc. have become very common. Moreover, medical emergencies happen without any prior notice, leaving you stressed and worried both mentally as well as financially. But, with medical insurance you can cover all your worries and ensure a tension free recovery phase. As well as make sure that your family doesn’t have to panic about your medical bills.

Vehicle Insurance: Nobody actually wants to pay for vehicle insurance, do they? It looks like a huge sum of money to pay every month for something you might never need, but the issue is if at all if you need it in future then you won’t have it. A number of people justify that they don’t need vehicle insurance because they are great drivers and they will never meet an accident. But, a vehicle owner doesn’t only have to worry about road accidents, but your vehicle can get stolen, damaged, or rammed. And with vehicle insurance you can prepare yourself for any such damage or accident.

Staff Insurance: When starting your own business through Businesssaathi and hiring new people to work for your business, the primary thing that you will have to buy them is employee/staff insurance. The important reason for this is the fact that this insurance product will allow you to protect your staff in case of accident at the workplace. A number of insurance packages are available, so you can easily choose one that according to you and your business type will cover the accidents that are more expected to happen.

Money Insurance: Most of the people find money insurance too confusing. But, it is as simple and straightforward as any other insurance. Many businesses have a huge amount of money and securities on premises and there is always a risk of that money getting stolen. Also, money and securities can be insured for fire and flood. This is where money insurance proves helpful. It covers all type of mishaps related to money transactions including theft or mischief done by any of your employees. It saves you under insurance protection to incur any cash loss.

Stock Insurance: It covers all the paid up stock lying at your warehouse or premises under odd incidences and protects you from facing any worst situation. Businesssaathi has contacts with a number of insurers who provide stock insurance at a very affordable premium. You can compare quotes from various top insurers, take assistance of insurance experts and choose an insurance that will provide you best coverage in time of crisis.

Home/Office Insurance: It protects you under theft/fire or any other type of odd situation and covers all major aspects of mishaps. Importance of home insurance can’t be emphasized enough. And as far as office insurance is considered, a lot of activities take place in business office. There is always a huge number of equipment that are used and a large number of people that work in that particular setting. If your business requires dealing with customers and they visit your office, then there is also a huge number of clients that will be visiting your office. As a result, there is a huge risk if anything goes wrong. Due to this reason, it is essential that you get your office insured.

While having association with many leading Companies we assist you with our professional services to serve you the best out of various available options as per your interest. Our professional team would guide you to avail the best of the plans with the help of company officials so not miss any benefit out of your insurance.