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Highlights of our services
  •   Blue Print of Launching & Re –Launching of Products
  •   Road map of Launching Re-Launching of state or area
  •   Outdoor & Indoor Branding Activities
  •   Web Promotions
  •   Digital Marketing

About Marketing

Running a business is not just about buying and selling products or services. It has become a more specialized and complex phenomenon. Today, a number of things are involved in running a business successfully and marketing is one such crucial element. The aim of marketing is to increase sales. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the target audience so well that the service or product fits him and sells itself.

Effective marketing means putting the right message in front of your customers at the right time, right place and at the right price. Companies are slowly understanding the immense benefits that marketing service can provide in the long run. But, when it comes to hiring marketing services, it is important that you choose someone who is experienced, knowledgeable and skilled, like- Businesssaathi.

We at Businesssaathi assist organizations with our professional Consultancy services to get the best out of their marketing activities, whether its launching or re-launching of products or any special ongoing campaign of the company with our exclusive services on marketing front. We Businesssaathi work closely with our customers to understand their objective first for the campaign and then customize a campaign according to your business type, targeted audience, business goals, marketing budget etc.

We believe that marketing activities should be planned in a way that it directly hits the targeted audience with crystal clear communication to get best results. We have years of experience in marketing and have a professional team of marketers who specialize in various online and offline marketing techniques.

No matter how popular the company or business already is, when it comes to re-launching of products or state or area, its marketing from the scratch is essential. If proper efforts are not put to market the new launch, you might find it difficult to attract customers and sale your products or services. With our comprehensive consultancy services and use of various marketing mediums we ensure that your business reaches out to as many people as possible.

Generally, when people take franchises of reputed and leading brands or businesses, then feel marketing is not necessary for their company, but it is not true. If you think that marketing is not necessary for your company then ask yourself, - “Why are advertising and marketing that necessary?”

Here are a few reasons why it is –

  1. Marketing sells your services or products to the people who know you as well as those who don’t know about your existence.
  2. Marketing assists you build your brand and the reputation.
  3. Marketing helps in the movement of services and products.
  4. Marketing services help you in retaining your existing customers as well as bringing more potential clients to your business.

Our team of professionals works closely with our clients to understand their business and its compliance needs. Besides, we have experience of working with many businesses including but not limited to: food chain, telecom, hardware, entertainment, education, garments, furniture, stationery, electronics and more.